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  Trish is a professional award-winning journalist and communications specialist. A creative thinker with an original approach to getting ideas into words and visuals.


In the last decade, she's moved from traditional print media into the dynamic space of social media to promote words and ideas for clients.


She enjoys writing press releases, newsletters, brochures, web copy and marketing material, her speciality is words and concepts. She gets a thrill from thinking out of the box and coming up with unique, well-written stories that sell a product or convey an idea. She has planned campaigns and organised events and often created attention grabbing editorials for publicity.

Trish is often described as warm, empathetic and approachable. She has a quirky and humorous side, which she uses in her personal blog and in her hobby as a novelist and columnist.


 As a former journalism lecturer Trish found it important to teach her students to create a rapport with their interviewees before rushing to get the official answers to questions. she emphasised that often the colour to stories was to be found in the gaps between the questions ..."where the subtle answers are hidden."


Observations and interpretation are vital to the communications process. She added: "Communicating requires the ability to listen, understand and convey the essence of the concept in a way that is appropriate to the audience. ​Weaving carefully chosen words together into a magical story is the aim of all writers. All stories begin with an idea and a pen."




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