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I am a professional award-winning journalist/communications specialist and author. I have extensive experience in national newspapers as a senior feature writer.


I'm a creative thinker with an original approach to getting ideas into words and visuals. In the last decade, I've moved from traditional print media into the dynamic space of social media using tools like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to promote words and ideas for clients.


I enjoy writing press releases, newsletters, web copy and marketing material. I am warm, empathetic and approachable. As a curious person, I enjoy learning about new subjects and people. I am humorous, insightful and use these attributes in my blogs and columns.


My speciality is words and concepts. I get a thrill from thinking out of the box and coming up with unique, well-written stories that tell a story, or sell a product or convey an idea.

Communicating requires the ability to listen, understand and convey the essence of the concept in a way that is appropriate to the audience. American marketing legend Zig Ziglar once compared a poorly written sales pitch to watching a strip show blindfolded - "A waste of time."


​Weaving words together into a magical story should have the power to inspire. Words are the building blocks of stories and like any foundation, the most appropriate words must be chosen for the most effective outcome.




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