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My speciality is words and concepts. Thinking out of the box and coming up with unique, well-written stories that tell a story or sell a product.

I take words and weave them together into a story that is full of colour and texture like a tapestry. A magical story must be memorable and have the power to inspire.

With 20 plus years in journalism and two awards for feature writing, I have the experience to know what inspires people and what grabs attention.

Everyone has a story to tell – they just need to be asked the right questions and it needs to be told in a gripping manner. 

Words are the building blocks of stories and like any foundation the most appropriate words must be chosen for the most effective outcome.

Crafting copy with skill and imagination is a challenge I welcome. I am a curious person by nature and enjoy learning about new subjects and people.

I am humorous, creative, insightful and able to translate ideas into words. Currently based in South Africa I am passionate about telling stories.


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